Technical Installations

    UPC security state of the art CCTV & Alarm monitoring Control room , provides real time and PRO ACTIVE & COST EFFECTIVE SECURITY SOLUTIONS for all industrial , retail, commercial & marine applications.
  2. Alarm Monitoring :
    UPC security State of the art control room can monitor multiple alarms from any locations throughout the country, we can also monitor Cold storage rooms & Commercial Fridges .
  3. Access Control Solutions: Biometrics & Facial Recognition solutions designed and installed for any application .
  4. Booms and Automated Gates:
    Vehicle booms and People barriers/turnstiles to control access and egress to any kind.
  5. Electric Fencing & Vibration Sensing Tech: Electric fencing for all applications that cane be monitored in UPC Control room.
  6. Data Cabling : Cabling for any I.T or Data Requirements.