Technical Division:

CCTV, Booms & Electrical Fencing

Electronic access control systems – We provide a high end electronic access control device used to accurately and securely record all access control entries. Basic function amongst many is to scan the vehicles license disk as well as the driver’s license card upon entry & exit, if necessary. The information is recorded and automatically reported daily via an email report.

Booms and Automated Gates:

Vehicle booms and People barriers/turnstiles to control access and egress to any kind.

Electric Fencing & Vibration Sensing Tech:

Electric fencing for all applications that can be monitored in UPC Control room.

Data Cabling :

Cabling for any I.T or Data Requirements.

Fire Detection

  1. Fire detection systems vary greatly, depending on the specific challenges faced by a business. UPC can help design and install the correct system.
  2. Smoke Alarm / Smoke Detectors – Can operate independently or part of a fire detection system.
  3. Heat Detectors – Recommended for places with a lot of non-smoke gases e.g. car exhaust fumes and chemical fumes.
  4. Call Points / Fire Boxes – Manually operated buttons . Used to trigger the fire alarm.
  5. Fire Panel – Controls and monitors the entire fire detection system from one location.
  6. Fire Alarm / Sounders / Bells / Sirens – Provides an immediate audio alert to any fire out breaks.
  7. Fire Strobe Light – Provide an instant visual alert and highly effective at directing personnel to the nearest fire exit
  8. Fire Aspiration system – Aspirating smoke detection is a very accurate method of detecting smoke.